I'm a constant work in progress, and so is this site

I was cursed by a malevolent tigerfish to forever be amazed by things but never retain a single hobby for long.

I was alright at art once... till I quit for 2 years and had to start from circle one.

I knew how to knit. I'll pick that one back up some time. Maybe I should crochet next.

For a while I was very depressed and unfulfilled because I'd look back at my life and see the half buried corpses of projects long abandoned, hear the faint heartbeat of a first draft from under the floorboards (and my house doesnt even have a wooden floor).

Here's a cool comic by an artist I like that captures this feeling perfectly

But perhaps there is value in that. I wouldn't count on it, but I'm gonna try to combine my interests and make something that perhaps someone will enjoy. Something that I enjoy making, and that makes me push my boundaries.

So that's kind of the thesis of my artistic vision for now.

The Machine

Since I was little I was always intrigued by technology. I'd salvage anything I could get my hands on for bits and components.

When I got my first computer when I was 7, it didn't take long before I started messing about on CMD. What else would a kid without internet do in the 2010s?

I really got deep into Linux and webdev during the lockdown. At one point my Windows OS died and I had to install Arch for school. I used that for an year or so.

I'm still quite young and learning. I'm nowhere done. But then again, I never will be. I held off on making this site for a while because I thought I needed to get better before that, but making this site has already made me a lot better at webdev. You're never too much of an amateur to try anything. That's a silly bias.


I'm Indian. I'm queer. If I could turn into any animal it'd be either a mouse or a siphonophore.

That's about all for now.




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