I got really into reading books for fun back in late 2022. Since then it has become one of my main pastimes. I almost don't like calling it a hobby since it feels like such a simple activity, but recently I've gotten into reading stuff critically and come to really enjoy writing reviews. If I feel a review is good enough, I'll post it here.

Hardcover or Paperback?

I prefer paperbacks since they are much nicer to handle. You can fold them and hold them with one hand no matter how big it is.

Hardcover books feel clunky to handle but they do look really nice and I generally buy hardbacks for bigger books, like my copy of War and Peace (which I'm only halfway through after an year of reading on and off -_-).

I also recently got an old iPad which is nice to read on, especially since you don't need to worry about space when annotating.

Favorite genres?

I'm a huge sucker for postmodernism as a literary movement, both as an aesthetic practice in ergodic compositions and a broadening of socially acceptable themes and tropes

In terms of settings I really like post apocalyptic sci-fi/fantasy as well as historical fiction.

Spicy Book Opinion:

Anything you find in abundance in second hand book stores is most likely mainstream garbage. It's filled with useless self help books and the like. Bonus points deducted if the book is second hand and still good as new