People's definition of DIY may vary. By many regards, this website itself is a DIY project. For my own arbitrary reasons I'm choosing to consider only traditional forms of projects (sewing, knitting, badge/patch making etc) to be DIY. You may differ, and that's fine.

The Denim Jacket

In late 2022 I got a denim jacket for dirt cheap (about $10 I think). For about an year I wore it with no modifications at all. It was alright but a bit plain.

Simple Blue Denim Jacket

Around the start of 2024 I began looking into punk/emo fashion and sewing. So I decided to spice my jacket up a little. I find sewing on denim very satisfying because there's little threat of breaking the fabric, so you can just focus on the design.

By now I have made 2 designs. I plan on doing more and making patches if I get time (which I really haven't been getting recently :/).

Spiderweb collar

Some stars

Eye on the back

And here's the full thing currently:

Wearing the jacket over an orange maxi dress with an enby pin, yellow background

In the future I plan on making patches and more designs for it as well as maybe cropping it when I learn to sew that properly.

Note(Mar 2024): Summer's coming soon... I won't be able to wear it as much.. ough ;-;


Good pins are pretty hard to come across where I live, unless you buy it online. So I buy random paper pins with designs I like, cut it apart and make new designs for it. I also use bottlecaps and soda tabs for it.

Note: Most of these designs are pretty generic or easily recognizable symbols such as flags or stars but if I reference anything in particular I'll make note of it.

Here are all the pins I have made since Jan 2024:

NB Flag

Yin Yang Cats


Free Palestine

*not inspired by the one in the Mob Psycho 100 s3 finale as I watched it afterwards but cool coincidence.


Around the end of 2023 I got into reading and making zines. It's fun! I've made some for myself and for friends, and I'm working on a couple to post here.

I find the medium very liberating in terms of what you can do with it. You can combine writing with pictures, both in any formats you like, and you can be fairly detailed with it. It's kind of like a website in that regard. It's excellent for sharing information.

Here are the zines I've made and posted:

Obscure Filetypes: PLS

Some Thoughts about DIY

Outside of self expression and art, for which DIY is very helpful, it is also considered in many alt/punk subcultures to represent anti-climate change, anti-pollution and anti-capitalist attitudes.

While I can understand this perspective and wouldn't discourage it, I think it's important to keep in mind that pollution and capitalism aren't problems with individualistic solutions. The top 1% cause more emissions than the rest of us combined. As helpful as it might feel to recycle waste or go vegan, it is important to keep in mind the bigger picture

DIY is also used to promote self sufficiency and in opposition to fast fashion. I wholeheartedly support this stance. Here's a helpful video to learn more about it.

Fast fashion is a cancer. Clothes can be and should be made to last. It isn't some disposable endless non-polluting supply. Learning basic repair techniques and sewing should be essential for being an adult.