Look upon my wretched webbed site and tremble

Welcome to Siph's hijacked satellite

decoded extraterrestrial signal reads "haiii :3 hiiii ^-^" 'little green men' arrested for shoplifting sunscreen El Chupacabra sightings turn out to be Miss Nancy's rather fucked up looking dog Gef, the talking racoon accused of hate speech the Ghost Car of Doom has an insurance, why don't you? Radionics researcher accused of copyright infringement after sampling a Hatsune Miku song

I'm Siph from the sea floor. I like tech, art and philosophy. I go by they/them.

This is where I catalogue things I make or that I find interesting.

I started work on this website around late 2023 after being horribly bored and depressed by contemporary social media.

Down below you may find various points of interests. Just click on the images to travel to the respective section.


Siph's Site


Things I'm watching/reading/whatevering rn on a longer time scale:

  • The Magnus Protocol (ongoing)
  • Laika's Comet (ongoing)
  • ho- looks around, then speaking in barely above a whisper HOMESTUCK gets beaten with a rock
About Me

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